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Selected stories by Joe Riley.
From How Strange It Is To Be Anything At All
Selected poems by Kevin Patrick Sullivan.
From Under Such Brilliance
Selected poems by Sam Hamill.
From Border Songs
Selected poems by Leslie St. John.
From Beauty Like A Rope
Selected poems by Richard Tillinghast.
From Wayfaring Stranger
Selected poems by Michael Hannon.
From Who On Earth
Selected poems by Mariko Nagai.
From instructions for the living
Selected poems by Peter Dale Scott.
From Tilting Point
Selected poems by Lee Perron.
From Celtic Light
Allen Ginsberg Interview Excerpts by Paul Lobo Portugés.
From On Tibetan Buddhism, Mantras, and Drugs: Interviews with Allen Ginsberg
Selected poems by Jerome Rothenberg.
From A Poem of Miracles
Selected poems by Michael Hannon.
From Imaginary Burden
Selected poems by Michael Lally.
From The Village Sonnets
Selected poems by Yun Wang.
From Horse By The Mountain Stream
Selected poems by Teresa Mei Chuc.
From How One Loses
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